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 Dog Behaviour Adjustment & Dog - Puppy Training

Jayne Brookes is a fully Qualified Dog Behaviourist, Canine Expert and Dog Trainer

Jayne Has worked for both the Kennel Club Dog Training And Leicester RSPCA and has many years of experience with Dogs, has been on many courses and is a qualified Dog Behaviour Practitioner


1-1  Dog Behaviour Adjustment Sessions / Phone Consultations


These Dog Behaviour Adjustment sessions are ideal for people that have a few issues with their dog such as:

Separation Anxiety      Dog to Dog Aggression    Destructive Behaviour    Pulling on lead   Recall Issues

Nipping      Barking     House Training     General Obedience    Jumping Up           Plus many more

These sessions can also provide basic dog training and help with any behaviour problems you may have. I can cover a whole range of issues with you on a one to one basis, The 1-1 sessions are very in depth and consist of me doing an assessment on both you and your family life as well as your dog! 

This will help me to find the source of the problems and to work out the best way forward for you and your dog, there is no point in being given training advice that you will struggle to do, so these sessions are purely to find the best way to promote good behaviour and a good bond between you and your dog and to make sure everyone else is on board too! The sessions often includes us taking the dog for a walk so i can see first hand how your dog reacts to any problem situation, i can also help you to teach your dog good recall and how to walk on lead. As well as my years of experience working for the RSPCA both as a dog trainer and behaviour expert i also have been on many courses and continue to do so, this makes sure that my methods are up to date and that you are getting the best, i have been working with dogs for over 40 years and have worked with most breeds.

You can book a "one off" session to get you on track or regular sessions if you have a more difficult situation or just feel you need more help i can also do this via phone consultation if this is easier or you are further away 

Dog behaviour Adjustment  -  1 session- £55 

Dog Behaviour Adjustment   - 3 sessions - £150  

Phone consultation Session  - 1 session  - £35


1-1 Dog Obedience Training


We can go through all the basics of dog training including walking on lead, recall, sit and wait as well as house training, nutrition and neutering advise for young pups, these sessions are suitable for dogs of all ages 

Dog  Obedience Training   -   1 Session  - £45

Dog  Obedience Training  -   3 sessions -  £120

1-1 Dog /Puppy Socialising Sessions

These sessions are a fabulous way to get your dog to learn how to play, socialise and be happy in the company of other dogs, its an excellent way to teach them good recall and will help any dog with issues to overcome them and for young pups just to be able to interact and have fun while learning from the other dogs, the sessions are held in a private field location with myself and dogs that i know are suitable to be around your dog and well socialised, (for any dogs that have issues 1-1 sessions to overcome this will be needed first ) 

Puppy Socialising Sessions £35 per session ( for other dogs please contact me so i can assess your dogs interaction levels first) 

   " Dog training and puppy training is a real passion for me, there is nothing better than the feeling of building that bond between dog & owner and helping them to communicate with each other! i have trained so many dogs (and Owners) and get such a huge sense of satisfaction when their dogs behaviour improves and they can enjoy each others company more"