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Leicesters Pet Nanny

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Thinking of getting a dog??

 Leicesters Pet Nanny can help you!

Leicesters Pet Nanny  offers a one to one advice session to help you in making this huge commitment and to make sure you get the right dog for you! 

So many people go through the trauma of having to rehome their dog or return it to a rescue centre as they were unable to cope, this is absolutely heartbreaking for the people and completely unfair to the dog that in some cases may end up being destroyed.

Through my many years of success in rehoming dogs i have gained an invaluable  insight into having a dog and can help you;

Find the right dog for you and your family

Consider Which puppy to choose

decide what  your new dog / puppy will need

                                                                 Lay down the rules and boundaries                                                                                                                                    

                                                                 Feeding and toilet training

                                                                 Basic Training


                                                                How to cope with those first few days


                                                                Getting it right from the beginning 

Whether you are getting a puppy or rehoming an older dog  or even deciding to add to your pack ,it is always good to make sure this is the best dog for you and that you are prepared for your new arrival !!

Our one to one session will cover any aspect of getting a new member of the family from choosing the right breed to settling the new dog in please contact Leicesters Pet Nanny for more information or to book a visit this will ensure getting a new addition to your family goes as smoothly as possible and will help you to avoid the pitfalls in getting a new dog.